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We are 888 unique digital art collectibles that exist in the blockchain as 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with a mission to spread kindness and bring Stylo Dinos Wearables to the metaverse. The Stylo Dino NFTs also enable collectors to participate in collectors-only airdrops and events, chance to win vacation package and last but not least to be part of a project that gives back to society.  Scroll down to the Mission, Roadmap, Perks, Rarity, FAQs and Team to learn more. So join us and spread kindness with Stylo Dino.


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Launching Stylo Dino NFT is an important step in our journey of creating sustainable NFT project. Our main mission is to provide collectors with meaningful NFTs with value that will benefit collectors. We believe the next big thing in NFTs will be the metaverse. In metaverse like Decentraland, users can interact with one another, buy NFTs in the form of land and clothes (wearables). And with the recent changes in Decentraland, it is now possible for people and companies to create and sell their own wearables. While the market for this is still in its early phase, we see huge revenue potential in this area. Our next mission is to tap into this NFT wearables market by creating & selling collection of Stylo Dino wearables and at the same time giving back to society because doing #socialgood makes us feel good!


Links to some interesting articles on wearables:


This roadmap outlines the goals of our project. We value feedback from our community. Therefore, the roadmap may evolve over time and hopefully become even better.




  • Get Stylo Dino listed on Rarity Sniper.

  • $1,000 donation to charity organization chosen by our community.

  • Unlock 1,000 USDT Giveaway Contest.




  • Airdrop Special Edition Stylo Dino NFT.

  • $2,000 donation to charity organization chosen by our community.

  • Unlock 2,000 USDT Giveaway Contest.




  • Deposit 1 ETH into Community Wallet.

  • $3,000 donation to charity organization chosen by our community.

  • Unlock 3,000 USDT Giveaway Contest.




  • Collaboration with other like-minded NFT projects.

  • $4,000 donation to charity organization chosen by our community.

  • Unlock 4,000 USDT Giveaway Contest.




  • Work with 3D artists and designers on Stylo Dino wearables collection.

  • $5,000 donation to charity organization chosen by our community.

  • Reward Event - 5-nights vacation package to Universal Studios Orlando or option for 5,000 USDT.


The digital art is not all you get when collecting Stylo Dinos. Collectors of Stylo Dino NFTs will also be able to benefit from the following perks:

rarity TRAITS

Background (5)
  1. Red

  2. Blue

  3. Green

  4. Purple

  5. Yellow

Eyes (16)
  1. Laser (Rare)

  2. Big Eyes

  3. Small Eyes

  4. Wink

  5. Happy

  6. Glasses

  7. Sunnies

  8. Geeky

  9. Ray Ban

  10. Pixel Shades

  11. Star Shades

  12. Fire

  13. Love

  14. Bitcoin

  15. Ethereum

  16. Digibyte

Footwear (11)
  1. Hotel Slippers (Rare)

  2. Boots (Brown)

  3. Boots (Beige)

  4. Boots (Mix)

  5. High Tops (Red)

  6. High Tops (Blue)

  7. High Tops (Green)

  8. Low Tops (Purple)

  9. Low Tops (Pink)

  10. Low Tops (Off White)

  11. Low Tops (Black)

Clothing (38)
  1. Samurai (Rare)

  2. Neon Suit (Rare)

  3. Suit

  4. Suit Gangster

  5. Santa

  6. Dress White

  7. Dress Pink

  8. Witch Dress

  9. Sweater Vest

  10. T-Shirt (Red)

  11. T-Shirt (Blue)

  12. T-Shirt (Green)

  13. Stripe Tee (Blue/Red)

  14. Stripe Tee (Orange/Blue)

  15. Stripe Tee (Blue/Yellow)

  16. Beach Shirt (Wave)

  17. Beach Shirt (Leaves)

  18. Beach Shirt (Floral)

  19. Puffer Vest (Pink)

  20. Puffer Vest (Purple)

  21. Puffer Vest (Yellow)

  22. Work Shirt (Purple)

  23. Work Shirt (Blue)

  24. Work Shirt (White)

  25. Varsity Jacket (Red/Black)

  26. Varsity Jacket (Black/Yellow)

  27. Varsity Jacket (Blue/Black)

  28. Soccer Jersey (Checkered)

  29. Soccer Jersey (Barca)

  30. Soccer Jersey (Red Devils)

  31. Soccer Jersey (Toon Army)

  32. Sweater (Purple)

  33. Sweater (Pink)

  34. Sweater (Yellow)

  35. School Uniform

  36. Puffer Jacket (Yellow)

  37. Puffer Jacket (Purple)

  38. Puffer Jacket (Pink)

Body (2)
  1. Crystal Body (Rare)

  2. Standard Body

Headgear (20)
  1. Songkok (Rare)

  2. Cap (Front)

  3. Cap (Backward)

  4. Beanie

  5. Fedora

  6. Santa Hat

  7. Witch Hat

  8. Pirate Hat

  9. Viking Hat

  10. Chef Hat

  11. Cowboy Hat

  12. Party Head

  13. Bandana

  14. Headset

  15. Long Hair

  16. Long Rainbow Hair

  17. Short Hair

  18. Short Rainbow Hair

  19. Mohawk

  20. Rainbow Mohawk

Mouth (16)
  1. Rainbow Vomit (Rare)

  2. Standard Mouth

  3. Smile

  4. Gold Smile

  5. Rainbow Smile

  6. Drool

  7. Tongue

  8. Bubblegum

  9. Hot Dog

  10. Burger

  11. Fried Chicken

  12. Pizza

  13. Cookie

  14. Lollipop

  15. Ice-Cream

  16. Rainbow Donut

Note: Stylo Dino NFTs have more than 100 different traits. Each 'Rare' trait exists in no more than 2% of Stylo Dinos.

While each of the other traits (except for Standard Body) exists in no more than 20% of Stylo Dinos.


How many Stylo Dinos are there?

There will be a maximum of 888 unique Stylo Dinos created (minted).

Will all the 888 Stylos Dinos be sold?

868 Stylo Dinos will be put up for sale. The 20 (2%) Stylo Dinos will be reserved for community giveaways, promotions and bounty programs.

Is there a Presale?

No, there is no presale or whitelist. We will be doing a fair launch where everyone can buy Stylo Dinos at a flat mint price upon launch (drop).

When is the drop?

The drop has launched on Monday, 2nd November 2021 at 1.00 PM UTC.

How much is a Stylo Dino?

The price is 0.03 ETH each.

Where can I buy Stylo Dino?

You can mint your Stylo Dino NFTs on our Mint Page (click HERE). You will be able to purchase once your ETH wallet is connected. Please make sure you have sufficient ETH to cover your purchase plus gas fees. We suggest using Metamask wallet to buy our Stylo Dinos. Puchase is limited to 4 Stylo Dinos per transaction.

Alternatively you can purchase already minted Stylo Dinos on our official OpenSea page opensea.io/collection/stylodinonft.

Will there be secondary sale royalties?

The secondary sale royalties will ensure our project remains sustainable. There will be 8% royalties on the secondary sales of Stylo Dinos which will go towards donation for charitable causes (4%) and operations (4%).

What charitable causes are you supporting?

Each month we will search for suitable non-profit organizations that helps animals, women & children, environment, hunger and many more. The community members will then help to decide which non-profit organization we will give donation to.

What is the community wallet for?

The funds in the community wallet will be utilized to organize community events, future collaboration with other like-minded NFT projects and marketing to gain more exposure for our NFTs.

How do I get in contact or find the latest info on Stylo Dino?

Please join our Discord server to get in touch with our team & community and follow our social media accounts for latest updates.

Discord: https://discord.gg/9kMyupbE8Z

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stylodinonft

Instagram: https://instagram.com/stylodinonft

Will there be staking rewards or sharing of revenue/profit/royalty with collectors?

To avoid our NFTs being delisted from OpenSea or any other secondary markets in the future, we will not be providing staking rewards, sharing of revenue/profit/royalty or any other regulated financial services to collectors. Please read what happened to DAO Turtles NFT project here.

Who owns the rights to the Stylo Dino?

For as long as you own your Stylo Dino NFT, you are granted full creative and commercial rights. Yes, that means you can put your Stylo Dino on any merch and sell it.




Project Manager and Developer







Marketing and Community Manager



crypto king




Artist and Designer




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